2016 was one heck of a year. Some people even considered it as a very bad year. Now that’s quite a very strong word to describe the past year. BreXit, Terror Attacks, Syria, Trump, Police Shootings and the losses of our favorite celebrities are one of the few events that certainly affected our lives and they were all around the calendar. Terrifying events have truly piled up during the last year. Are we greatly affected by it because we are more connected to these news more than ever? Or is it because these negative happenings are just truly too terrifying and concerning to even ignore?



Now that it has ended, let’s go back to the issues that completely blew up our notifications and dominated our news.


It stands for Islamic State of Iraq and the Levant. They are the terrorist groups that has gained a great power and control around the world thanks to its very active presence in the social media. They have been greatly known because of their videos posted online of beheadings of soldiers, civilians, journalists, and aid workers. They are also the ones who are responsible for the destruction of cultural heritage sites in Iraq.

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The U.S. Presidential Election

From the debates and the long election season, it had been the most talked about topic in the social media and of the news all over the world. The victory of Trump has been greatly discussed on a lot of social platforms and news.

The Refugee Crisis

Hundreds and thousands of people flee from the violence in Syria. The government of America and the Europe had grappled on how to resettle them and help them in find livelihood. Many refugees have struggled to find where to settle and they have traveled land, air and sea to seek refuge with their families

Climate Change

2016 was recorded as one of the hottest year in the century on record. Many countries have outline a plan and negotiated with each other establish a global corporation against climate change.

Data Security

A lot of hacks had happened last year. No institution was safe, not even the government and some health insurance companies. Cybersecurity was a topic that is still even talked about on the news until now.

Celebrity Deaths – lots of it

Most of the beloved celebrities of Hollywood passed away last year. From actors to musicians to comedians, the death of these well-known figures is still a very hard notion to accept to the loyal fans.  From David Bowie’s in January, the music legend Prince, Alan Rickman, Debbie Reynold’s and Carrie Fisher’s and Richard Adams  in December. Also George Micheal, Peter Vaughan, and Gene Wilder in October.

Gun Violence

In the U.S., and in the other parts of the world, mass shootings and gun laws was heavily talked about last year. It was also heavily discussed during the U.S. Presidential Elections because of the candidate’s stand against firearms regulations.



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