Cleaning your carpet can be a very dirty work, literally and figuratively. Carpeting can be a great investment in your home and office. You have to protect this investment by maintaining your carpet clean. While it does require regular cleaning that other floorings demand, it can be a one hell of an endeavor to go, check, and maintain your carpet down there. One way to make sure that your carpet is kept in its prime is to know the problems that you will encounter before, during, and after installing it. You can opt to hire a professional Torrance carpet cleaning service to all the dirty work for you or you can do it for yourself.




Water Stains

This can be seen if your carpet shows a lighter shade than the rest of the carpet and has a dark ring surrounding it. This occurs when water is spilled in the carpet. The spill pushes the contaminant that is in the carpet to the edge of the spill to dry. The best thing you can do to solve this is extract it with a mildly acidic solution and then put a protective cap over it to dry.

Soil Wicking

This is evident in the discoloration on the carpet like brownish or yellowish. This happens when a heavily soiled area takes a very long time to dry. Solve this problem by mixing mild neutral cleaner with water and then apply to the area.

Reflections and Shadows

If you see that your carpet has light and dark spots in very random locations then your carpet should be moved to different light and reflective sources.  This can happen when there are light reflections from a not obvious light source that you probably didn’t know about.

Asphalt Yellowing

Asphalt Yellowing can be caused by asphalt tar or oil. This can happen during the hot seasons because it can melt and dissolve gasoline and other solvents. If you see yellowing in the carpet then the best thing you can do to remove it is to use a solvent-based cleaner but keep in mind that it can be very hard to remove though. The best thing you can do if the cleaner doesn’t work is to just to put over a mat to cover it and reduce the problem.

Filtration Marks

If you see a dark lining around your carpet, then those are probably filtration marks. This is caused by impact of the doors frequent closing and opening, the starting of the furnace that will change the temperature of the room and therefore the air pressure. One solution for this problem is to secure the carpet more to the walls and floors. Filtration marks can be hard to remove and clean.


If your carpet looks worn then it’s probably old. This is caused when the fiber amount on the face of the carpet is reduced because of a lot feet stomping on it already. The best thing you can do for this problem is to replace your carpet.

If you don’t want to get your hands dirty, call the professional carpet cleaners. Torrance carpet cleaning can be your best option to get rid of all those problems without raising a muscle in your hands.